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Welcome to Consultai! How can we assist you today?
I'm interested in strategy consulting for my business.
Great! To assist you better, we'll need your contact details. Could you please provide your email or phone number?
Sure, my email is johndoe@email.com.
Thank you, John. We'll be in touch shortly to discuss your strategy consulting needs. Now, when are you available for a consultation call?
I'm available next week. Please schedule a call for Wednesday at 2:00 PM.
Noted. We've scheduled a consultation call for Wednesday at 2:00 PM. Is there anything else you'd like to inquire about?
That's all for now. Thank you!
You're welcome, John! We look forward to assisting you with your strategy consulting. Have a great day!
No Coding Required
AI Powered
Customise As You Wish
Seamless Integration
Automate Routine Tasks
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Keep conversations
going across channels

Our chatbot product streamlines the process.
You design and integrate your chatbot easily, and it automates tasks while providing insights for continuous improvement.

How it works

1. Design

Define goals, create flow, personalize, and add branding.

2. Integration

Seamlessly add to your site or app with ease.

3. Engage

Provide 24/7 support and capture leads.

4. Analyze

Monitor performance and enhance user experience.

Team up to succeed faster

Each member of your team has different talents. ChatBot lets your team come together and contribute their expertise to create perfect customer interactions.

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